Carpenter Bees and Beetles

carpenter bees and beetles
Carpenter bees are very common in the southeastern United States, and they certainly can be quite destructive. Like carpenter ants and termites, they bore through wood. Carpenter bees are also quite large, and this can make them particularly destructive to houses. Luckily, there are ways of effectively dealing with the problem. Carpenter bees can be trapped by the best carpenter bee trap and this does not require the use of pesticides. Additionally, there are types of beetles that can bore into wood. These insects can also be quite destructive to homes. Luckily, there are ways of dealing with wood-boring beetles, without using potentially dangerous pesticides.

Wood-boring beetles come in a number of different shapes and sizes.

beetle damageIn some cases, they essentially come with construction. The beetle eggs can be laid in lumber, and then they hatch inside of the house. When the beetle eggs hatch, the beetles can begin to slowly destroy the house. Wood-boring beetles can certainly be quite destructive. Luckily, borax can be an effective way of dealing with these pests. The borax can successfully kill the beetles, and this can eliminate the problem from your house. You can use traps to help get rid of wood-boring beetles. These traps can catch wood-boring beetles, without using any pesticides in the house. Unfortunately, this is not always sufficient to deal with the problem of wood-boring beetles. In many cases, it is essential to have professionals come in to deal with the problem. There are professionals approved by Tyler Robison that can deal with wood-boring beetles, without using dangerous pesticides.

Carpenter bees can often be successfully trapped.

bee trapsThis can reduce the number of carpenter bees in the area around your house. When this is the case, there will be fewer carpenter bees that can cause damage to your house. These traps can be purchased in the store. However, you can also order homemade carpenter bee traps through the internet. These traps are often quite effective. In addition, carpenter bees can be driven out by noise. Things like playing the radio can help to eliminate a carpenter bee problem. Additionally, it can be an effective eradication method to seal up their holes. If you see a carpenter bee hole, stuff it with steel wool. If you stain the exterior of your house, this is also an effective deterrent to carpenter bees. Citrus and tea tree oils can also be an effective repellent for carpenter bees, and the use of these materials can be a natural way of getting rid of carpenter bees. Something else to keep in mind with carpenter bees is the danger of them stinging. Carpenter bees are a type of bee, and they can easily sting you. For this reason, it is important to use caution with them. If your carpenter bee problem can’t easily be brought under control, you can consult the services of experts. Pest control experts can successfully deal with the issue, without the use of harmful pesticides. Simply find green pest control services in your area, and they can get to work at getting rid of your carpenter bee problem.