Termites and Carpenter Ants

termites and ants
Termites are a very common pest throughout the country. There are different types of termites that exist in different areas. Termites ingest wood, as their primary source of nutrition. The wood that is in your house will certainly do for them. When they eat the wood in a house, they cause structural damage. As months and years pass, the structural damage progresses. Ultimately, this can lead to damage that threatens the structural integrity of a house. If you notice a termite problem, it is essential to take immediate steps to eradicate the pests from your home. If you do not, the damage will continue to progress.

Termites tend to enjoy wood that is somewhat wet.

For this reason, it is important to fix any leaking pipes or other sources of moisture. Without wet wood in the house, your home will become much less appealing to them. There are some do it yourself repairs that can lessen the amount of wet wood in a house. If you do these things, it can reduce the appeal of your home to termites. However, it is also often a good idea to bring in professionals. Professional pest eradication services can take steps to reduce the amount of wet wood in your house. They can identify areas that contain wet wood that is appealing to termites. When they identify the problem areas, you can either fix the problems yourself or hire someone to correct the problem for you.

carpenter pestsThere also are ways that you can eradicate termites, without the use of pesticides. Pesticides for termites can be bad for the health of residents in the house. They also are known to have negative effects on the health of the environment. Luckily, there are some do it yourself repellents that you can use for termites. These materials can prevent termites from continuing to see your home as appealing. These measures can also kill termites that are already in the house. One common measure that is used is Borax. Borax can kill termites, and it is not dangerous to the health of people in the house. Borax is boric acid, which is known to kill insects, such as termites. In many cases, the use of borax can be extremely effective with insect infestations, such as termite problems. You can also often trap termites, using traps that can be easily purchased. In some cases, these traps can successfully put a serious dent in the termite problem. There is also the option to contact the services of a green pest control company. Green pest control companies use means other than toxic pesticides to deal with a termite problem. There are environmentally friendly pest eradication services located in many areas, throughout the country. These services are often very skilled at dealing with termite problems. To find these resources, simply search for green termite eradication in your area.

Getting rid of carpenter ants requires a similar process. Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not eat the wood. Instead, they simply boreholes. They use wood as a place to reside rather than as a source of food. However, it is also important to make sure wood in the house remains dry. This can help to lessen the level of carpenter ant infestations in a house. Additionally, using borax can help to get rid of carpenter ants. Carpenter ants can be removed using green pest control services, and they often have expertise at dealing with this problem. It also can be possible to trap carpenter ants. Another method of getting rid of carpenter ants involves finding the source of the infestation in the house. Then, the homeowner can go into the infested area with a vacuum, and suck up the carpenter ants. This can successfully wipe out large numbers of the ants in one fell swoop.